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Low-profile PACIFIC range 6 Seats Registration certificate

The Pacific range offers 21 low-profile motorhomes measuring 5.96 to 7.45 metres, available in Essentiel and Sensation finishes. Island bed, twin beds or French bed: the low-profile motorhomes in the Pacific range come in versions with or without a drop-down bed.

A-class GALAXY range 4 Seats Registration certificate

Our Galaxy range includes 12 A-class motorhomes measuring 6.99 to 7.87 metres. 15 cm double floor or 21 cm storage double floor: choose a technical solution that offers more storage but also enhanced thermal comfort. All the A-class motorhomes in the Galaxy range, starting at 7 metres, are ALDE-compatible.

Panel van VEGA range 4 Seats Registration certificate

The Vega Pilote range offers 7 converted vans in 2 trim levels: Standard and Premium. Whether you're travelling alone, as a couple or with your family, there's a Pilote van just right for you. With 50 options to choose from, you can customise your van to suit your travel desires.

Campervan CAMPERVANS range 5 Seats Registration certificate

With the size of a minivan and excellent interior space, Campervans are ready for adventure every weekend. The 3 models offer excellent standard equipment. But for even greater comfort, you can customise them to suit your needs, thanks to the thirty or so options available.